Coding a Vision offers 6 months’ full time professional courses to become software developers.

Our courses teach modern platform development in an agile environment. Best students will be hired by us or our partners. Next session starts May 2020.

  • iOS development (May 2020)
  • Frontend development (May 2020)
  • Android development (September 2020)
  • Backend development (September 2020)

Our courses are designed to be practical above all, and to teach our students everything they need to know to be a proficient developer in a particular technology. Also, we make sure they get teamwork experience in order to better integrate in their future work environments.

Our courses require highly motivated people, ready to delve full-time (36h per week) and with base knowledge of at least one object-oriented programming language, as well as good knowledge of English. Most of our activities are remote-friendly.


Our teachers are experienced developers who want to transfer their knowledge and their experiences to younger generations.

They are coordinated by our CTO, Sasa Sekulic, a developer with more than 20 years of experience (last 10 in mobile development) including the United Nations, Deutsche Bahn, Telecom Italia, deltatre and others.

Course principles

Platform stage (first 3 months) is dedicated to learning the basics of a certain platform (Android, iOS, backend, frontend) using modern development tools. We use in-person classes and online materials (videos, articles, books) to best teach the basics of the platform as well as everything else we deem necessary for modern development (design patterns, clean code and clean architecture, SOLID, different view architectures like Model-View-Presenter and Model-View-Viewmodel). We also use communication and project management tools, like Slack, Trello etc.

During this phase, students will work on their personal project as well as a group project – here they will already start learning how to best collaborate together.

Teamwork stage (second 3 months) is dedicated to learning how to best work together, in an Agile environment (light Kanban/Scrum). Even though they did some teamwork already in the first part, here they will be part of a real team working on real projects. We start with an idea for an internal project, and develop it in a team setting, together with a dedicated product owner and designer. We think about features for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), write user stories, discuss the best UX and polish the UI. Finally, wWe put down some tickets and kick off the development.

Students are expected to self-organize for the tasks (we require them to do pair programming at a minimum, lots of them opt for mob programming) and to deliver solutions that will be peer reviewed by tutors. After they have internalized the basic development process, we add more real-world constraints to the process: we add the CI, automated deployment, unit tests, code quality checks, linters, refactoring, UI tests… At the end, the goal is to have a publishable MVP – a game or a website or a backend for a product – and to learn all the phases involved in delivering a finished product.

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